Bungle – Reborn EP ® 2019 – OUT NOW


DHMLTD003 ® 2019

Bungle´s new EP brings to you 4 pieces of Brazilian Jungle – as the artist describes on his social media Twitter – Reborn EP.

For me as editor, and again, is fascinating the power and how Bungle´s sounds moves across the nasty ocean of new music on digital stores. Unfortunately i can´t go further and release on vinyl music of our friends , like minded artists and new incomers yet…
But i keep going doing this little label with love.

Everybody love´s Bungle sound –  i think i like his attitude to be a “shadow man” -working in silence, developing so many stages on his sound design and building his functional and simple arrangement (be simple is not easy most of the times!), keep the listener inside his clever & well balanced groove. Crispy and nasty breaks alongside all that mass of melodies plus pads coming from everywhere filling all stereo spaces inside your brain!
The power and pressure of his hypnotic basses – so many life inside comes from his technique on processing the bass and making that response & call with another main element – sometimes a synth, sometimes percussion, sometimes both – we never know!
And one think have to be said: the style of Bungle´s tunes slowly change on new directions seeking the foundations of Drum & Bass receiving all this treatment above described, getting darker as i can say. Get more serious – fits better, serious!!!
In Consent tune i feel clearly Marcus Intalex Soul:R touches, after listen the EP loads of times i changed my opinion over the “best” tune of the Reborn EP, why? Because he designed all to be together.

Me and my partner in crime are producers as well. But we know we have a long journey to understand and experiment more & more before show up again.
Our first release was a completely fail  – so sorry all.
Only Bungle is really shaking up the place – BBC Radio 1, now Skank & Bass…

I probably will feel shame-on-me day´s after this post, but i need to share this words.

Thank´s again André “Sad Monkey” Sobota, thanks a lot my partner in crime DJ and producer Anderson Costa – stand by my side since 2012 – studying, improving our sound, getting sad over failure moments, being happy when reach another music level on sound design, bass synthesis, etc.
We do not spent years – we evolute years since we start our SPMASSIVE project.
But Dirty Hole Music came first because we thought we were ready… but we keep pushing forward because we know we are closer to reach our dreams, with 40 and 47 years old we still dreaming on it.

Thanks ours listeners and friends. Our families and everybody somehow help us along all this years:
Noisia, Maztek, Erb N Dub, Juno, Culprate, Artfx, Kentro, Digital, Letsynthesize, Thrillerdnb, Carlos (Demand) and course Bungle.

Thank you again Bungle.


Armando Olivera and Anderson Costa (SPMASSIVE and DHM headz)

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