(DHMLTD001) Juno Download´s superb review of Bungle´s new release ® 2017

After a rocket launch appearance on BBC Radio 1´s Essential mix made by Spectrasoul – aired on November 4th, 2017 – Bungle is strong carrying our flag on many incredible aspects on music market.
The digital store Juno Download made an amazing release description and found exactly the concept around this two bangers! “Knocked down” and “Under threshold” now have a proper review, thank you Juno Download for this. Lovely!!!

JUNODLDHMLTD001 REVIEW TXT 2017-11-10 at 14.48.09

Thank you Bungle so much… we are knocked down…

Spectrasoul Essential Mix @ BBC Radio 1 (11/04/2017)
>> Bungle – Under Threshold (01″30 min)

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We are Dirty Hole Music ® 2017
Lisbon / Portugal

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